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Stair Nosing

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Safety and Security Warehouse is your home for high-quality stair nosing in Australia. The proper stair nosing is critical for any building with two or more storeys. By extending the surface of each plank, nosing helps to prevent everyday accidents at homes, businesses and industrial worksites.

Our collection includes anti-slip stair nosing, fibreglass stair nosing, and rubber stair nosing, all of which we can ship nationwide. Whether you're an architect, builder, or contractor, our range of stair nosing products can provide an effective safety solution for any building with stairs.

Anti Slip Stair Nosing For Sale

Slippery stairs are little more than a disaster waiting to happen. Beyond the moral obligation, business owners and contractors also have a duty to ensure that any staircases on their property are compliant with OH&S standards. Luckily, this is where we can help. Our anti-slip stair nosing is proven to offer great protection, whilst also extending the lifespan of the stair itself.

We supply a wide range of rubber, fibreglass, brass and aluminium stair nosing inserts that are effective, affordable and suitable for a wide variety of different environments. If your stairs take beating, explore our collection of nosing and treads now.

We’re also happy to answer questions about any of the products listed above.

Order Aluminium Stair Nosing Online – We Ship Nationwide

Looking for quality metal stair nosing? You’re in good hands with Safety and Security Warehouse. We supply an excellent range of aluminium stair nosing and non-slip stair treads to keep your property protected. Aluminium inserts provide an extra layer of grip that helps to prevent slips, trips and falls. Another added benefit is increased visibility, which is why we stock inserts in various colours and finishes.

Choose Safety and Security Warehouse for reliable and effective stair safety solutions that you can trust.