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Emergency Shower And Eyewash Stations

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If you run a commercial or industrial worksite, the proper on-site eye care is essential. Emergency shower and eyewash stations are a simple solution that minimise the risks associated with exposure to dust, dirt, debris and other common irritants. In fact, these stations are now a requirement for many workplaces and temporary sites.

Luckily, Safety and Security Warehouse supply affordable emergency shower and eyewash stations to keep your employees protected from any eye-related injuries. While relatively compact, these portable devices are an incredibly valuable safety measure.

Explore the collection and order yours now!

Affordable Portable Eye Wash Stations

When it comes to workplace safety, you can never be careful. Whether the worksite is indoor or outdoor, civil and construction workers are constantly exposed to irritants that can enter the eye area and cause serious injury. This is where a portable eyewash station becomes so valuable. As soon as the eye becomes irritated, the individual affected can quickly resolve the situation at the wash station.

While we never compromise on quality, Safety and Security Warehouse provide some of Australia’s best prices and safety supplies and equipment. Of course, all the equipment supplied is complaint with the current national safety standards and regulations.

Order Portable Eye Wash Stations Online

In recent years, portable eyewash stations have become a staple of commercial and industrial worksites. This equipment is also governed by a strict set of guidelines. For example, emergency shower and eyewash stations must be able to deliver continuous water flow for at least 15 minutes. This ensures that the worker receives the proper support in an emergency.

Our online ordering process is straightforward, and we provide a quick turnaround on all orders. Whether you need a single sign post spike or require them in bulk, we can fulfill your requirements efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.