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Tactile Indicators

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The installation of tactile indicators is a mandatory requirement for any new build where blind or vision-impaired people require access. If you’re an architect, builder or contractor in Asutralia, Safety and Security Warehouse have you covered. We supply a full range of tactile indicators, including directional items in fibreglass, stainless steel, brass, polyurethane, and ceramic material.

From full size directional sheets to tiles and single studs, we can help you to make the property universally accessible. All products listed are Australian made and compliant with the necessary industry regulations and standards.

Order tactile indicators now! We offer safe and secure shipping to all corners of Australia.

High-Quality Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

Tactile ground surface indicators are widely used in footpaths, buildings, stairs, walls and public transport. Other locations where tactile indicators may be used include public parks, shopping centres, hospitals, and universities. These indicators provide a tactile signal that can be felt through the feet or with a walking stick, helping visually impaired individuals navigate safely and with confidence through a range of environments.

Here at Safety and Security Warehouse, we supply tactile indicators in a wide variety of different sizes, styles and finishes to match the overall aesthetic of any environment. If you need further details about a product shown above, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team. We’re more than happy to provide expert recommendations and advice.

Order Tactile Indicators Online – We Ship Nationwide

Need tactile indicators for a new or existing property? Safety and Security Warehouse supply a full range right here online. Our collection ranges from individual studs to full stainless steel sheets, all of which we can ship across the nation.

For product specifications and custom items, reach out to us directly and we can guide you toward the most suitable product.